Facial Gua Sha

How to do Facial Gua Sha

Lustrous and bright face is the hot pursuit of women since ancient times. Among the great diversity of cosmetic methods, Gua Sha scraping treatment for beautifying and rejuvenation the face and body has its peculiar characteristics. Sometimes unexpected therapeutic effects on facial disorder can be obtained.

Over a long period of time, people used various kinds of cosmetics and drugs for the sake of facial beauty. However, most of these methods are locally applied for cleaning the facial skin. In fact, clean skin is originated from clean internal environment. The effects of cosmetic gua sha scraping are obtained by scraping facial meridian points and holographic point areas to dredge the qi and blood, improve the microcirculation, get rid of toxins and other metabolites in the deep layer of skin, dredge the nutrients supplying passages so as to beautifying the face.

Face Reflexology Map and Meridians

There are totally nine meridians traveling through the face, which also constitute the miniature of the whole body and help the holographic point areas of viscera. Scraping the face can improve the microcirculation of muscles and skin, promote metabolism, strengthen the secretion function and the cleaning process of the surface of skin.

gua sha face reflexology map

Does Facial Gua Sha Really Work?

In the process of scraping the face we define the pathological locations according to the relationships to meridians and reflexology map.

If we find the hyper sensitive area on the face in the area of lungs, chances are we have some issues with the respiratory system. More on that below…

Based on these locations, scrape the corresponding meridian points and the holographic point areas on the body and limbs. After treatment, the facial skin will be rejuvenated with good elasticity and moisture delaying the aging.

Again, done like this, it is also beneficial to the health of the whole body.

Facial Tools for Gua Sha

This is a cosmetic gua sha Jade scraping tool. The shorter arc edge is suitable for scraping the forehead region.

gua sha facial tool

The longer arc edge is suitable for scraping the chin region.

facial gua sha tool jade

The concave edge between the two corners is suitable for scraping the lower jaw region.

gua sha tool for lower jaw

The corners can be used in kneading of facial meridian points and holographic point areas.

The straight longer edge is suitable for scraping the flat region of the body.

gua sha face scraping tool

Gua Sha Facial Oil

You’ll also need gua sha facial oil. It has the effects on moisturizing and protecting the skin, preventing inflammation and promoting blood circulation as well as removing blood stasis.

Facial Gua Sha Methods


Reinforsement (Bu Fa 补法), or Tonifying is one of 8 methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is used to either tonify, restore, supplement or replenish emptiness, deficiency or weakness of the body’s Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang, fluids.

At the beginning of each facial scraping session you have to do reinforcement manipulation. It is also suitable for sensitive skin or daily face care without skin disorders. In this case only reinforcement manipulation should be used from the beginning till the end.

The most gua sha facial videos on YouTube demonstrate only this method. Read on and dive deeper…

Reinforcement and Reduction Gua Sha Methods

While reinforcement is mild and gentle application of scraping technique, reduction method (Xie Fa 泻法) is more vigorous, and leading to show up petechiae.

The Reduction Gua Sha method should not be used in daily practice and for the sensitive skin.

The even reinforcement and even reduction manipulation method is suitable for the treatment of drying skin and skin with various pigmented spots. In areas with pigmented spots and pain spots, usually applying the even reinforcement and even reduction manipulation method.

By using the edge of scraping plate, scrape the face from inside toward outside along the muscle or bone formations in one direction. The pressure of scraping should be even and steady, slow and gentle until the appearance of mild feverish feeling or reddish of skin.

gua sha facial scraping technique

Facial Gua Sha Benefits

Beautifying and rejuvenating the face, abating the black circle surrounding the eye, lessening the eye-bags, decreasing the wrinkles, moisturizing the skin and anti-aging treatment of cutaneous disorders affecting the beauty of face.

Scraping the facial skin, pressing the meridian points and holographic (reflexology) point areas can dredge the facial meridian, promote the blood circulation and remove blood stasis, improve the metabolism of skin cells, and enhance the secretion function of endocrine system.

Thus, the skin and muscle can obtain enough oxygen and various nutrients.

It can also activate the cells, clean the skin, enhance the regeneration ability, delay the aging, moisturize the skin and decrease the wrinkles.

Facial Gua Sha Routine

Before and After

Before cosmetic scraping, gua sha oil should be evenly applied on the skin or face. During the facial scraping, the pressure should be gradually increased with a slow and gentle manipulation. Facial scraping should not be applied in the treatment of acne.

After the facial scraping, it is advisable to stay half an hour before taking outdoor activities, and comply with other common attention points of scraping therapy.

Step-by-Step Facial Gua Sha Routine

After washing the face with the clean water, apply evenly the gua sha facial massage oil on the face.

The first treatment

Reinforcement manipulation is applied. Each area, scrape five times.

Forehead region

Scrape with a shorter arc of Jade gua sha scraping tool, from middle toward both sides near the Taiyang point.

facial gua sha forehead


Scrape from the Jingming along the upper edge of orbit toward Tongziliao.

Again, scrape from Jingming along the lower edge of the orbit toward Tongziliao.

how to facial gua sha eyes

Knead the Tongziliao and Taiyang points.

facial gua sha pressure points


Knead Yingxiang, scrape from Yingxiang on the large intestine meridian toward the anterior area of each ear near the Xiaguan pressure point.

facial gua sha chin


Knead Renzhong. Scrape from Renzhong of Dumai to Dicang of stomach meridian on both sides.

facial gua sha lips

Knead Dicang, knead Chengjiang. Scrape from Chengjiang towards Dicang and Jiache on both sides near Dicang point.

facial gua sha lips pressure points
how to facial gua sha lips


Scrape with the concave edge of the scraping instrument from Daying obliquely ascending to Jiache and the area below each ear. Knead Jiache point.

facial gua sha chin
facial gua sha chin pressure points

From Forehead downward to the Nose

Scrape with the straight edge of scraping plate from middle of the forehead downward to the tip of nose.

Using the concave edge of scraping plate scrape both sides of nose. The manipulation pressure should be properly decreased in the area between the eyebrow and the bridge of nose until there is a slightly reddish.

gua sha facial lifting

Avoid the appearance of any miliary cutaneous bleeding — petechia.

The second treatment – Even Reinforcement Even Reduction – Therapeutic Application

Scrape using the even reinforcement and even reduction manipulation.

The scraping sequence is the same as above in the first treatment but with heavier pressure reaching the deep tissues.

facial gua sha clinical application

During the scraping process, try to find out the skin’s response.

For example, there’s a smaller nodule near the patient’s eyebrow on the forehead with mild pain sense.

facial gua sha massage therapeutic

Another nodule is found in the inner area of the right lower eyelid.

facial gua sha pain sensation, how does facial gua sha work

These nodules appear in the reflexology area of stomach meridian, large and small intestinal meridian, suggesting that the function of the gastrointestinal system is mild attenuated.

The location and degree of reactions reflect the location and degree of diseases.

There is another small nodule in the outer area of the lips along the large intestinal meridian, and also a small nodule in the lower jaw area of the stomach meridian.

The third treatment

In this session, vigorously scrape and knead the positive reaction areas.

In the above case, it should be scraped the right side of forehead. There are rough feelings and slight reddish of skin under the gua sha tool.

Scrape slowly the nodule in the area of the right eyebrow. Scrape and knead simultaneously.

The small nodules become smaller and even disappears showing the meridian passage gates through.

There are a few small nodules in the inner area of the lower eyelid, which must be stretched, scraped, and kneaded.

facial gua sha instructions

Scrape and knead the outer area of the upper lip along the large intestinal meridian.

facial gua sha instructions

Scrape the nodule areas on both sides of the lower jaw, which have slight pain sensation.

gua sha massage tmj

The feeling is more significant on the left side, so it should be vigorously scraped.

Knead the points Taiyang, Yintang, Yingxiang, Chengqi, Sibai, Quanliao, Daying, Jiache, Xiaochang, Dachang, Shen and Pangguang.

The fourth treatment

Using the flat surface of Jade gua sha tool, evenly and slowly massage the whole face and the lower jaw in order to relax and exercise the muscles, dredge the meridian passage.

gua sha facial tmj

Scrape the ear area with Jade gua sha tool.

gua sha facial ear

Scrape the holographic point areas of the viscera on head with a buffalo horn scraper or Jade gua sha tool.

gua sha buffalo horn head

Using buffalo horn scraping comb, scrape the scalp from the interior area to the posterior area. Dredge the meridians on the head.

gua sha scalp

Another option is using a bian stone comb.

Bian stone is a so called “acupuncture stone”, famous for its healing properties, emitting far infrared radiation when scraping the skin, and have been used in China throughout the centuries.

gua sha bian stone comb

The fourth treatment. Second part

Scrape Dumai on the back from Dazhui to Mingmen after applying a gua sha emolient. Scrape segmentally from upper to lower.

gua sha massage spine

Using the two corners of scraping plate, scrape the points on both sides of the vertebrate. It has the effect of regulating the endocrine function.

gua sha scraping vertebra

Scraping can be done until the appearance of reddish of skin and opening of sweat ports.

Using half of the longer edge of the scraping plate, scrape each side of the bladder meridian at the same level. Vigorously scrape the Pishu and Weishu on the bladder meridian where small nodules and pain points are found. These further confirm the accuracy of the face diagnosis.

gua sha facial after treatment bladder

Scrape the bladder meridian on the other side. Finally, clean up the scraping grease and knead simultaneously to close the sweat ports.

gua sha facial after treatment cleaning

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