Gua Sha Face Map / Gua Sha Facial Chart

Credible Gua Sha Facial Charts

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each part of the body is
a miniature replica and reflects pathological changes of the whole body.

In our article on facial gua sha we’ve described how it can be applied .

Here we want to provide some credible face maps, or face charts with reflexology zones to avoid those misleading images flooding the internet.

By the end of this article you will discover an amazing fractal pattern which the Ancient Chinese found in our body.

Gua Sha Face Map according to Su Wen – ‘Simple Questions’

In chapter 32, Simple Questions of Huang Di Nei Jing gives us a list of reflexology zones of various parts of the face, as follows:

‘In Heat disease of the Liver, the left cheek becomes red; in Heat disease of the Heart, the forehead becomes red; in Heat disease of the Spleen, the nose becomes red; in Heat disease of the Lungs, the right cheek becomes red; in Heat disease of the Kidneys, the chin becomes red’.

gua sha face map
Gua Sha Face Map (‘Simple Questions’)

Gua Sha Facial Chart according to ‘Spiritual Axis’

In the Spiritual Axis we can find a more detailed map of the correspondence between Internal Organs and parts of the body and various areas of the face.

gua sha facial chart
Gua Sha Facial Chart (“Spiritual Axis”)

This holographic principle, when a replicated pattern in the same order are discovered on the various parts of the body, is truly interesting.

It is truly amazing! It is repeated in the same invariable order: head, neck, upper limb, lungs-heart, liver, stomach, duodenum, kidneys, lower back, leg, feet.

face reflexology map
Face Reflexology Map
Hand Reflexology Map
Hand Reflexology Map

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